Are You a Jumper?

If you're into great deals on flights to fun destinations, the answer should be YES. Jump On takes advantage of idle aircraft from charter airlines, and the power of online group buying makes it possible.

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This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, where the potential is sky high!

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People are talking ...

Jump On Flyaways taking advantage of oilpatch slowdown to offer more discount flights

Calgary Herald | March 10, 2015 
A slowdown in the oilpatch is creating opportunity for a Calgary company that takes advantage of idled charter aircraft to offer discounted flights to leisure travellers.

Lull in Alberta oil patch frees up charter jets for discounted flights

The Globe and Mail | March 2, 2015 
A slowdown in demand for charter flights in Alberta’s oil patch has freed up planes to resume Calgary-Vancouver trips and introduce discount rides on the Calgary-Toronto route.


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A flight deal is announced at a great low fare.


The "Jumping Point" shows you how many "Jumpers" are needed to make the flight a "GO."


Jumpers reserve a seat with their credit card info, but do not pay yet.


Jumpers share with their network to help fill up the flight.


When the Jumping Point is reached the flight is a "GO" and Jumpers' credit cards are processed.


Jumpers enjoy a convenient weekend getaway at a great low fare!

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To make a Jump On flight happen, we need to have enough people on board to make it a "GO." That's where YOU come in. By sharing the deal with your friends, you help promote the flight and get those flyers in their seats. And you can feel good about helping make the flight a GO...and helping your friends save money! Please also be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exclusive access to giveaways, contests and flights and other great promotions.