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About Us

The Jump On Story

Jump On is something entirely new in the travel industry. It uses the power of online group buying to ensure a win-win situation for both the industry and travellers. The bottom line is that charter airlines keep their planes busy and customers get convenient weekend getaways at a great price.

The idea has three components:

  1. Jump On sources idle aircraft from charter airlines at discounted rates.
  2. Flights only depart when a minimum number of seats are sold. That’s the Jumping Point.
  3. To help make the flight a GO, Jumpers spread the word about the flight deals within their social network.

As a Jump On customer, you help decide WHEN and WHERE the flights go!

How Jump On Weekend Flight Deals started

When we realized that some charter jets were sitting unused on weekends, we saw the opportunity. We asked travellers what they wanted: direct flights, peak times and low fares. So Jump On acquired the use of the charter jets, arranged for them to be used only for destinations that can be reached directly and at peak times. The single low fare comes from the concept itself. Since planes don’t leave until the Jumping Point is reached, there’s no need to tinker with airfares by increasing rates when planes are less than full.


Jump On appeals to people who want an exciting and less expensive way to travel. It’s perfect for the fun-loving, adventurous and flexible traveller.


Since we only fly when the Jumping Point is reached, we don’t fly at a loss – and no risk for us means low fares for you.

We're also tired of being gouged by airlines that dramatically increase prices as the departure date approaches or during busy times like weekends and holidays. We promise to provide our Jumpers with only low fares

Vision: Fill Every Seat

No one likes to see a wasted opportunity. Yet thousands of airplanes around the world sit idle for up to 23 hours each day.

Technological advancement, a global economic downturn, excessive airfares in Canada, changing attitudes and rapid acceptance and growth of the sharing economy create an opportunity to activate this idle capacity and fill up these seats.

And so Jump On was founded, with the initial purpose of using underutilized aircraft to bring low fares and a unique experience to air travelers. We also driven to put the power back in the hands of the customer, exactly where it should be.

Jump On started by chartering idle aircraft at discounted rates and offering low cost weekend getaway flights to the public. Flights only ‘Go’ if they reach the Jumping Point, or about 80% load factor. By reducing the financial risk of flying empty airplanes around, Jump On offers the lowest possible price to travellers – typically 35-65% off scheduled airline fares.

But we know we can do more.

With the launch of JumpStart, our flight crowdsourcing platform, and the upcoming launch of JumpClub, that will provide customers an opportunity for guaranteed flights, we’ll activate even more idle aircraft and fill up more seats.

But our biggest impact and ultimate goal is to create a marketplace to help scheduled airlines fill up the hundreds of millions of airline seats that go unused every year.

How Jump on Works


BIDS 101

20% of airline seats fly empty. Now you can bid on these unsold seats.


Select your route and travel dates. Then craft your bid and make it count.


Use BidIntel™ to monitor and manage your bid ranking. Use 'Up My Bid' at any time to keep your bid in the running.


All bids will be presented to air travel partners. They may accept a bid up to 48 hours before the flight. 


You will be notified when your bid is accepted and payment is confirmed. Our air travel partner will send your ticket!