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Jump On Flyaways was founded with the initial purpose of using underutilized aircraft to bring low fares and a unique experience to air travellers. We are driven to put the power back in the hands of the customer, exactly where it should be.

Jump On charters idle aircraft at discounted rates and offers low cost weekend getaway flights to the public.  Flights only ‘Go’ if they reach the Jumping Point, or about 80% load factor. By reducing the financial risk of flying empty airplanes around, Jump On offers the lowest possible price to travellers – typically 35-65% off scheduled airline fares.

After three years of operations, Jump On has had the following significant successes:

  • Proven the demand for low cost flights by completing 17 flights with over 2,500 passengers
  • Built a database of over 20,000 and achieved over 500,000 site visits
  • Received government funding to develop the Jump On Bids platform
  • Achieved national media attention including an appearance on Dragons’ Den

We are now ready to take on an even bigger opportunity.


In a few short years, sharing economy businesses like Uber and Airbnb (access vs. ownership) have grown from small startups to global operations with valuations in the tens of billions.

Enabled by digital platforms and shifting consumer attitudes, the sharing economy marketplace is expected to grow from just $15 billion in 2015 to $335 billion by 2025 (PWC Aug/14). Hundreds of similar businesses have been launched to seize a piece of this opportunity.  

Jump On is one of these businesses.


Approximately 875 million airline seats flew empty (or were non-revenue) in 2015.

Closer to home, 156 million of these seats were in the US and 17 million in Canada.

Most airlines achieve average load factors of 75-85%. The remaining +/- 20% of seats fly empty or are filled at the last minute with non-revenue passengers (employees and their families).

Empty airline seats are spoiled inventory and a lost revenue and profit opportunity for airlines around the world.

If these airlines generated $70 of seat and ancillary revenue for 30%-60% of their spoiled inventory, incremental revenue and bottom line profit (as there is very little cost to an incremental passenger) would have improved by $3.6-$7.2 billion in Canada/US and from $18-$36 billion globally.

In November 2015, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicted that global air traffic would more than double from 3.3 billion in 2014 to 7 billion by 2034, an annual growth rate of 3.8%.

Assuming a consistent load factor of 80%, the number of non-revenue seats is expected to grow to 1.75 billion by 2034.

The missed opportunity is therefore expected to grow by more than $1 billion each year to $36-$72 billion by 2034.  

Imagine that kind of potential, with no additional investment in aircraft or people!

Our new focus is to help fill up these empty seats.


We’ll do this using a unique bidding platform that allows flexible travellers to bid on potentially unsold airline seats. All reasonable bids are presented by Jump On to airline partners for their consideration. Successful bidders are notified 48 hours prior to their flight departure time and airline tickets are issued directly to travellers by airline partners.

Flexible travellers win by receiving low cost flights and can fly more often. Airline partners generate incremental revenue, without cannibalizing core revenue management strategies, from seats that would otherwise be empty. And greenhouse gas emissions per travelling passenger are reduced by filling up more of the seats.

Our platform will also offer BidIntel ™ to help bidders monitor and manage their bid ranking. Bidders may increase their bids if needed for the best chance of having it accepted by one of our air travel partners.   

Over time, we will introduce additional BidIntel™ features to provide more insight to bidders on the quality of their bids, as well as the best days to bid, the average amount of historical bids accepted, the number of bidders on a route, the number of available seats, a suggested bid amount, etc. 

By signing NewLeaf Travel Company as our first air travel partner, we will launch our bidding platform to a Canada wide audience starting July 2016.


We are raising additional equity to finance our growth plans. Phase one of our plan is to gain a significant foothold in the Canadian market. Over 40 scheduled airlines and 17 million empty airline seats annually, provide a significant opportunity in Canada alone.

With NewLeaf as our launch air travel partner, we expect to gain national exposure quickly. Over the next 12 months, we will work to prove the business model by maximizing the quantity and quality of bids on NewLeaf flights, as well as work to add several regional Canadian airline partners.

We aim to build a community of flexible travellers willing to modify their behavior to realize significant savings. As our community grows, we will leverage this group buying power to access more seat inventory and make more routes available for bids.

With a proven track record of success in Canada, phase 2 of our plan is to expand to the US by securing several regionally based US airlines as partners. 

Funding is required to hire additional marketing and development staff as well as to fund advertising to promote our bidding platform.

We believe Jump On’s ultimate market value will be a function of the size of our community. We expect our new product lines and the viral nature of our business will result in exponential growth of our community in just a few years.


We would love to have you become a shareholder of Jump On. Please contact our CEO Roger Jewett at or (403) 650-7718 for investment details and to discuss any questions you may have.


BIDS 101

20% of airline seats fly empty. Now you can bid on these unsold seats.


Select your route and travel dates. Then craft your bid and make it count.


Use BidIntel™ to monitor and manage your bid ranking. Use 'Up My Bid' at any time to keep your bid in the running.


All bids will be presented to air travel partners. They may accept a bid up to 48 hours before the flight. 


You will be notified when your bid is accepted and payment is confirmed. Our air travel partner will send your ticket!