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Founded in 2013, Jump On Flyaways is a technology and marketing company based in Calgary, Alberta. Jump On creates proprietary technology and operates a marketplace at www.gojumpon.com that helps airlines activate idle aircraft and fill empty seats. Our community of Jumpers (flexible travellers) save 35%-80% off scheduled airline fares.

Jump On started by launching an airplane sharing service using idle charter aircraft and its Jumping Point concept to offer Jumpers weekend getaway flights and a unique experience while saving 35%-65% off typical airline fares. With JumpStart, Jumpers create and crowdsource their own flights to sporting events, weddings, concerts and getaway destinations. With JumpClub (launch pending)Jumpers will be able to purchase multiple flights at a discount, and make payments over time.

Now with Jump On Bids, Jumpers can bid on potentially unsold scheduled airline seats and access these seats last minute at significant discounts.


Jump On appeals to people who want an exciting and less expensive way to travel. It’s perfect for the fun-loving, adventurous and flexible traveller.


Jump On is not just another online flight booking service or search engine that helps you find the cheapest flights available. We actually create unique flight opportunities that can only be purchased at www.gojumpon.com. Whether it’s a Jump On weekend getaway charter, JumpClub discounted flights that you pay for over time, or bids on potentially unsold airline seats, you will always save with Jump On.

Vision: Fill Every Seat

No one likes a wasted opportunity. Yet global airline load factors were just 80%* in 2015. That means 20% of the seats flew empty (or did not generate revenue and were filled by airline employees and their families).

Assuming an 80% load factor, almost 1 billion airline seats will fly empty in 2016.

That’s a lot of empty seats!

And so Jump On was founded. Our vision is to fill up those seats and while doing so, benefit our customers, air travel partners and the environment!

Since 2013, we’ve been busy developing ways to activate idle aircraft and fill up those empty seats. Along the way, we also aim to provide a great user experience.

We are driven to put the power back in the hands of the customer, exactly where it should be.

We believe Jump On Bids will help scheduled airlines put a big dent in the almost one billion seats that fly empty (or are non-revenue) every year. We aim to fill up the seats in a way that does not cannibalize airline core revenue strategies. Jumpers that are willing to be patient and flexible, will also win big by securing great low prices. And the environment will win big as the emissions per traveller decreases as we fill up the planes. 

With Jump On Bids, we have created the right technology and product to get the ball rolling to achieve our vision in a way that everyone wins. Now, let’s get busy filling up those seats! 

*Source – World Bank.

BIDS 101

20% of airline seats fly empty. Now you can bid on these unsold seats.


Select your route and travel dates. Then craft your bid and make it count.


Use BidIntel™ to monitor and manage your bid ranking. Use 'Up My Bid' at any time to keep your bid in the running.


All bids will be presented to air travel partners. They may accept a bid up to 48 hours before the flight. 


You will be notified when your bid is accepted and payment is confirmed. Our air travel partner will send your ticket!