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With over three years in the airline innovation business, Jump On has assembled an incredibly talented and diverse team. Everyone at Jump On is an expert in their own right, and all have years (or decades) of experience in their fields. We think we’re pretty fly, but we’ll let you be the judge.


jewett roger

Roger Jewett, CA, Founder and CEO

Passionate about business and numbers, Roger knew what he wanted to be at the age of ten – an accountant. Yet, he’s what most would call an unconventional Chartered Accountant, with a unique combination of entrepreneurial, leadership and marketing skills. For the past 20 years Roger has used these skills to spearhead successful, fast growing and profitable companies.

Tired of high airfares and wanting Canadians to have another option, as the CFO of Enerjet, Roger saw an opportunity and decided to start Jump On. Roger has five years of airline financial and marketing experience under his belt, working three years as CEO of Jump On and a combination of five years (full and part-time) as CFO and financial consultant to Enerjet.

Prior to working in aviation, Roger was the President of Rare Method, a publicly traded interactive marketing firm. He helped found the company and grew revenue with an average annual growth rate of 50 percent. Rare Method was one of Alberta’s fastest growing companies in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2007 and 2008. Rare Method was also named one of Canada’s best small and medium sized employers in 2007. While at Rare Method, Roger created Kudos, a peer-to-peer employee recognition system and managed the development of the software from the original idea through to product commercialization. Although Roger is no longer associated with Kudos, it is now used around the world with hundreds of thousands of daily users.

Before Rare Method, Roger was the CFO of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR). While at RCR, Roger helped lead the company from financial difficulty in 1993 to one of National Post's 1997 and 1998 50 best-managed companies in Canada. Preceding that, Roger was a Manager in Coopers & Lybrand’s receivership/restructuring group.

In case it isn’t obvious already: when Roger isn’t busy working, he’s still working! He loves to travel and to make that happen he dedicates hours to working every day, even on holidays. He is often known to lend an ear and provide great advice. When asked about it, he chuckles and then humbly states, “Well, I’ve screwed everything up at least once, and I think I’ve learnt from it!” 

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Vancouver and Quebec City



Aaron Caldwell, Technology Lead

Aaron’s excited to be working at Jump On because he wants to change the Canadian airline industry and disrupt the status quo. As our technology lead, he defines his role at Jump On as doing “various things and associated tasks.” Aaron - clearly the joker of Jump On - explains that he got into the field of technology because he was sick of doing manual labour, “laziness drove me to computer work,” he sheepishly grins. 

He states, “I’m an art school drop out from the school of hard knocks.” But all jokes aside, Aaron’s a talented tech guy, with an extensive background in start-up environments. As the Technology Lead, he has years of travel related development, usability design and digital marketing experience working for companies including Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort, Bellstar Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Canmore, The Hotel Arts Group, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies and many more. 

Since starting at Jump On 3 years ago, Aaron has developed a deep understanding of Jump On’s booking engine and the ins and outs of airline revenue management / pricing strategies and routines. He is most proud of leading the strategy, project planning, and development of Jump On’s new bidding platform.

When he isn’t dedicating the majority of his waking hours to Jump On - with a get it done attitude - he’s busy taking credit for everyone else’s ideas or claiming that they stole his jokes. Give him credit and respect, oh and give him free stuff and he’s a happy guy!

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Golden, BC and he’s always wanted to go to Montreal! 

Sean Jewett, Marketing and Service Lead

Sean believes that the airline industry in Canada has become stale and that Jump On has an opportunity to make a difference within a rapidly changing global economy. He states, “I’m a fan of challenging preconceptions and creating new value for consumers”.

As a graduate from the University of Calgary, Sean holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Finance and a minor in Marketing. His background includes accounting and marketing experience as a Junior Accountant at Enerjet, a Bookkeeper and Account Coordinator at Twist Marketing and as an Intern at Rare Method. 

Sean has been involved with Jump On since its inception. He keeps the wheels turning at the office by executing Jump On's operations, customer service, marketing and web content management. Sean is dedicated to developing an innovative brand and culture that engages Jumpers and our team to think outside the box and embrace new ideas.

Sean is definitely Jump On’s brainstorming guy and is never far from the next big idea. Many of these ideas you will see on the latest bidding platform. His biggest accomplishment with Jump On was receiving the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award in 2013.

When Sean isn’t working with an immense attention to detail, or arguing with Roger by cutting down his “old-school” ideas, he loves talking to anyone and everyone about European football, music and street fashion.

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Vancouver and Fredericton


Jess Steinbach, Operations Manager

Follow your bliss is a mantra that Jess wholeheartedly believes in, and working at Jump On aligns perfectly with that. She loves the tech industry, one that’s fast-paced and constantly reinventing itself, and she’s excited to be a part of a company which does exactly that. Jess has a passion for travel and adventure and she ensures that she weaves this passion not only into her pastimes, but also into her career.

Prior to Jump On Jess flew between Hawaii, working for a whale watching company, and the Yukon, working for a whitewater rafting company, managing both operations during their peak seasons.

Her last career venture involved working for, an online outdoor retailer, where she did anything and everything from warranties, return management, customer service, communications and event management, even sales and marketing. Jess is proud of spearheading an extremely successful customer relation’s team at Live Out There, and considers it one of the biggest accomplishments in her career so far.

Jess has a Bachelor of Arts in History from St. Olaf in Minnesota. She is a jack-of-all-trades and wears many hats at Jump On too. Including relationship management with Jump On’s airline partners, customer service and more.

When Jess isn’t working, you will find her making friends with absolutely everyone… including their dogs. She is inordinately fond of her motorcycle and will show you pictures of it, since it’s her baby! She loves all outdoor adventures including rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, camping and Ultimate Frisbee. When she comes in from the wild, Jess is also an exceptional creative writer and avid reader.

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Anywhere on the British Columbia coast and she’s always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island.



Robb Johnstone, Creative Lead

As an early adopter of the Jump On vision, Robb “got on board” because he enjoys a good thrill ride and believes in the need for a real shakeup in the airline industry. 

Robb has a pair of undergraduate degrees that he says he doesn’t use, and 20+ years of experience working in the marketing trenches where he’s done his best to, “turn up the good while turning down the suck.” Previously, he has worked for several of Western Canada's leading advertising agencies and started his own communications consulting business. In his portfolio are many blue-chip brands, ranging from Mercedes-Benz, StateFarm and Dell south of the border to Travel Alberta, Canadian Airlines and Encana closer to home.

Robb has been working part-time with Jump On since day one and plays a key role with the execution of creativity and marketing; helping to shape the customer experience, establishing the brand voice and delivering the marketing message. His first “jump” into the airline business was as a young advertising copywriter working on the Canadian Airlines account. Since then, he’s been immersed in online marketing as a content strategist, information architect and creative lead. Apart from winning the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Award with the Jump On team in 2013 (and discovering his vertical leap talents), his fondest career memory is leading the Advertising Team to victory on CBC’s Test the Nation. 

When Robb isn’t busy working his creative magic, he’s an outdoor adventure seeker, triathlete and runner who has notched 9 marathons, including the Five Majors. That may explain his Twitter handle – @runnerrobb. Still, his favourite place to be is on a bike saddle.

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Anywhere he hasn’t been yet.




Wes Gendi, Special Projects and Planning

Wes’s passion for working with Jump On stems from his belief that Jump On will change how business is done in the airline industry. 

Always looking to expand his knowledge base, Wes has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Graduate Certificate in International Business Management, and is currently completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Wes is one of the newest assets to the Jump On Team, focusing on special projects, planning processes and helping ensure that all visions created at Jump On become physical realities for Jumpers. He is natural fit in his role, because it allows him to fall back on his organizational nature. 

When he isn’t busy turning a vision into a reality, he is often listening to some gangster rap, and believing this his jump shot is as good as anyone’s in the NBA.

Favourite Canadian destination to travel to:

Toronto and Vancouver Island


 Jump On has also assembled a team of airline and marketing professionals that are participating as advisors and consultants on a contract basis.

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