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Air Travel Partner Fees

Jump On works with a number of airlines and air travel partners. 

Each of our partners have their own unique policies and fees for checked bags, carry-on bags, oversize and overweight bags, seat selection, drinks, food and other services (“Optional Services”). The Optional Services are discretionary and are paid by you directly to our airline and air travel partners. 

The following is a list of our current partners and a link to their optional fees, policies and charges:


NewLeaf Travel Company      NewLeaf Optional Services



Please visit our airline and air travel partner websites to determine the type and cost of their Optional Services.

BIDS 101

20% of airline seats fly empty. Now you can bid on these unsold seats.


Select your route and travel dates. Then craft your bid and make it count.


Use BidIntel™ to monitor and manage your bid ranking. Use 'Up My Bid' at any time to keep your bid in the running.


All bids will be presented to air travel partners. They may accept a bid up to 48 hours before the flight. 


You will be notified when your bid is accepted and payment is confirmed. Our air travel partner will send your ticket!